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Boeing 757-200 (49 Seats) 
Boeing 757-200 (49 Seats)
The largest aircraft in our fleet, this is also one of the only non-scheduled large Boeings available for private charter. The aircraft can seat up to 49 people in superb luxury and has recently been refitted. The forward cabin is configured for 17 people with luxuriously appointed seating around a number of dining tables.

The mid cabin has fully reclining seats for 20 people. The rear cabin offers 12 seats of the same type as the mid cabin.


Seating Capacity: 49
Cabin Length : 88'9"
Cabin Height : 6'5"
Cabin Width : 10'8"
Baggage Capacity : 200 standard cases
Maximum Range : 4'000 NM (Up to 9.5 hours depending on payload)
Crew : 2 pilots + 1 engineer + max 6 cabin
First Registered : 1989

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